We are a small, family-owned business located in St. Joseph, Missouri, and have been providing quality, custom-sewn products to the industrial and commercial markets for over 50 years.

Our focus is on providing the industrial community with their vinyl, canvas, and other specialized textile fabrication needs.  Our goal is to supply our customers with custom-designed products using the highest quality materials and workmanship at a fair, competitive price.  Our products are as diverse as our customers and their specific needs.  Some examples include personnel bucket covers for aerial lifts, equipment covers, flexible transition connections, flexible grain dispensing sleeves, heat shields for fire fighting equipment, tool bags, work area curtains, soft operator enclosures for material handling and construction equipment, and platform splicer curtains for utility companies. 

Some of our customers include Danisco Ingredients, Lifeline Foods, Snorkel Lift, Johnson Control, Ag Processing, Purina Foods, Boehringer Ingleheim Animal Health, and Altec Industries.
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